Delhi NCR based Ecommerce Startup “WEIRDO” setup new trend to provide Custom T-shirt and Quirky T-shirt

Founders (from left): Priyanka Saini and Mohd Shariq


Weirdo is an eCommerce startup that provides all types of T-shirts like Couple T-shirts, Custom T-shirts, and Quirky T-shirts around different niches to your doorsteps.


Words from Priyanka Saini(Founder):

This all started when I completed high school and headed up to college. it was my first semester when I started to feel the need to be independent and do something of my own. I was into professional dancing and used to teach and learn as well. So I now felt the need to take care of my expenses on my own. That’s how it all started.

I joined Digital Marketing Internships, Internship turned to potential clients. So let’s fast forward to my Btech 3rd year, I was not the person who makes a lot of friends but finally, I did make a few good friends. Parth, Saim and Shariq were the people.

So there is a person in your life who motivates you although I was already on track but not big enough and lacked the vision to be big enough. I too had a person in my class so now was the time to take the plunge. 

We were three buddies working towards a goal with a motivation to get a BMW M8. Jokes Apart. We started our journey trying to acquire digital marketing clients, besides doing affiliate marketing as well. Our day was not so simple and the journey too was not.

Waking up at 8 getting ready going to the office coming back. Then meeting at my place to do the daily chores for our clients and we ourselves. We learned it all from designing to development to make sure we can save on human resources. The day used to end around 1 or 2 am then we used to discuss cars we will buy-M8 was the first one we wanted to and leave for the day. Post-dinner-reading a few research materials, we hardly use to sleep for 3-4 hours.

Down the line, we felt the need to finally quit our jobs and work for our dreams as this happened one of our partners left our journey to success here itself. Now it was Priyanka and Shariq.

Post leaving the job we gave all our time to the startup trying to acquire Digital Marketing clients. But we made sure that we stay positive and things did change for the better.

so with almost zero investment and a lot of hard work, we have a profit-making brand in place. 


The startup was more around digital marketing services earlier it still is because that is what we corely are. However, Weirdo has always tried to touch the strings of people through any medium. We have an Instagram and Pinterest page related to poetry with a lot of customer base where people totally love and adore us. That’s where we thought we will launch products for people connected with us.

So its an eCommerce store with Quirky T-shirts around different niches. However, there is a lot planned over which will soon come into action. The idea was always to be connected to people in a way that we touch the strings of there heart. And which we really do be it be through our poetry, or our work or the products.

However, the common inspiration lies in the idea that we all never wanted to do a fulltime job struggling to be seated on the same chair for 8-9 long hours. We wanted to escape the harsh realities of our lives.


The eCommerce platform concept is to make the customer be at peace wherein we will style them in the best possible way and all they need to do is relax. That’s why the Tagline looks like “Let Us Style You”. The is to provide free styling consultation to people for their big day as we are into wedding occasion wear as well but that’s our premium range and has been taken down from the website for now and is available offline. The idea behind this is to set a brand value in the customer mindset only then will they be at state to trust us for their big day.


FOUNDERS: Priyanka Saini and Mohd Shariq

HEADQUARTERS: A1 1803 Saya Zenith, Ahinsa Khand 2, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014.




T-SHIRT CATEGORIES: Valentine’s Special, Pet lovers T-shirts, Tom and Jerry T-shirts.


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Delhi NCR based Ecommerce Startup “WEIRDO” setup new trend to provide Custom T-shirt and Quirky T-shirt

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